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History of Spring Township

While it appears to be no authentic account of court records relating to Spring Township, there is evidence that the preliminary petition to the court asking for the formation of a new township was presented at the January session in 1848. The viewers appointed Richard Adams, James Black, and William B. Anderson. The report signed by Mr. Adams & Mr. Black, recommended the creation of a new township and named it Lawrence, but at the August sessions of court when the report was confirmed, although almost 200 citizens protested, it was made a township and named Spring. It was formed from lands from Tyrone Township.

Spring Township is bounded on the north by Saville and Centre, on the east by Centre & Carroll, on the south by Cumberland County, and on the west by Tyrone Township. Its outline on the north and east is irregular. At the census of 1850, succeeding its formation, it had a population of 1281, 105 farms, 215 houses, and 14 productive establishments.